the mostawesomestthinginthewholeentireworld!

15 Aug

holy guacamole!  are you sitting down, people?!  coco found the mostawesomestthinginthewholeentireworld…

close your eyes and imagine coco’s two most favoritest things EVER and you’ll see this:

HOLYMOTHEROFGOD it’s FASHION CATS!  yes, the people who brought you godzilla and sushi and anime have really outdone themselves this time.  Takako Iwasa–a photographer and japan’s self-proclaimed #1 cat tailor– took two of the world’s most amazeballs things — FASHION AND CATS, of course — and united them together for utter perfection (or dare i say, “purrrfection”?!). coco has been rendered speechless!  watch this as i attempt to regain my composure…

for serious, people…how have we lived in a world without FASHION CATS?!  And now that this is in my life…

and this

and this

and this

i am now a complete person.

doumo arigatou, mrs. takako!

now if you’ll excuse me, i’ve gotta get my pussy ready for our own lil photoshoot.

happy monday, y’all!

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