london to ibiza…straight to LA, new york, vegas to africa!

17 Sep

sawubona!  that’s zulu for “greetings!” and since that’s the only word i know in zulu, i’m always stoked when i get a chance to use it.  i just checked into my hotel here in Johannesburg, South Africa and seriously considered kissing the porter when i got to my room.  it’s been 31 hours since i left hollywood and my funk factor tiredness is epic.  but instead of showering and/or resting, i am watching the news in Zulu (hoping I’ll hear the one word i know) and, well writing to you.  the journey was ridiculously long, carbohydrate-filled and crowded, but i did meet some super interesting people along the way.  there was the older sage anthropologist from senegal who informed me that i would have not one but TWO marriage proposals in the next 12 months (you hear that george clooney and johnny depp?!!). and there was the south african flight attendant who chastised me for not taking sugar in my tea.  “miss, may i suggest you take sugar next time?” i responded, “um, why?” his reply, “because life can be bitter…better to add some sweetness.” of course, i nearly proposed to him right then and there. and my high school french teacher would have been proud as i helped a nice french-only speaking woman from the small island of reunion check in to our hotel.  while i may have told her that her room was on the 500th floor and that i hope she have a pretty stay, i’m hoping  i did more good than harm. these great african interactions will offset the fact that i was greeted in the johannesburg airport by jlo singing over the speaker system about doing things on the floor (i guess she does reference africa in the chorus) and advertisements for coca cola.  oh, globalization!

well, the shower and mini bar gym calls.  and tomorrow, back to the airport to finish the journey to mala-weeeee!  talk to you then! xoxo

2 Responses to “london to ibiza…straight to LA, new york, vegas to africa!”

  1. I HAVE CAT May 6, 2012 at 4:49 pm #

    what were you doing there?! okay, now i’m plan stalking you! def adding your blog to my blogroll!

    • coco May 6, 2012 at 11:01 pm #

      yay! i work in public health 🙂 well, i did until i got laid off. but, hope to be back soon!

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