firestarter, malawi edition

24 Sep

when i called my driver today to confirm a pickup so i could get my a$$ to the airport, this happened…

me: “hi, edwin? did aida speak to you about picking me up at 10 am?”

person on the other line: “ah, hello, how are you”?

me: “i’m well, edwin.  how are you today?”

person on the other line: “i am well!  i am glad you are well, also.” pause madame.  ‘i regret to inform you, though, that i am not edwin.”

me: “oh…”

person on the other line: “you have reached the fire brigade, madame. perhaps the number you are calling has ‘999’ in it.  that is the number for fires.”

me: “oh my gosh!  i’m so sorry!”

person on the other line: “no worries, madame.  we hope you find your edwin.  have a nice day.”

me: “you too”

once my embarrassment subsided and i figured that the police wouldn’t come looking for me, i could help but to wonder two things…. (1) are malawi firemen hot like their american brethren? Please-excuse-me-while-I-light-my-house-on-fire

(2) are there stiff penalties here for calling in a false alarm so as to ascertain the answer to question number 1?

ha…i said “stiff”.  thanks for being awesome, malawi! i’ll miss you!

One Response to “firestarter, malawi edition”

  1. Mike Smith September 25, 2011 at 7:07 pm #

    a stiff penalty should be invoked for you, I so ordain, and you can thank me later.

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