accidental beauty

19 Jun

well, i had every intention of going to hip hop class yesterday. but since my back was killing me from attempting to get my shower curtain rod back up after its epic collapse (long story…but can’t stop giggling every time i say, “rod”) and since i’m all “cry/must eat all the twinkies that exist in the western hemisphere/i HATE everybody, especially skinny b*tches” pms-y, and since none of my cute dance clothes were clean, the cards were stacked against me from the start.

once i was done shaking my fists at the sky at all the unfairness (and to get all the twinkee crumbs off my person), i figured i should try to get some writing done. i wasn’t really sure what i’d write about since i hated everyone and had excessive amounts of delicious twinkie cream all over my hands and was hopped up on my tried-and-true midol/red wine combo therapy. yet, coco was hell-bent on getting something typed up…especially as the alternative activity i dreamed up that consisted of force-feeding hostess desert cakes to hollywood’s emaciated might not be such a good idea.

so i surfed my favorite blogs to see if i could steal something for inspiration, instead. nothing.

i even went to the grocery store for more twinkies and red wine as an offering to my inner blog goddess. nada.

i took a walk around my neighborhood for ideas. zilch.

after working up an appetite for something that wasn’t high-fructose corn syrup or fermented grape-based, i made a pit stop to chipotle. while eating my carnitas bowl and swearing under my breath at the world, i found it. hark! blogspiration! i locked eyes with a douchy/hot guy with ridic/awesome red shoes and his size 0.5 perfect girlfriend. as i pulled out my iphone to surreptitiously take a picture of their sexy, tattooed, uber-fit perfection disgustingness, i noticed this picture in my photo library:

then i freaked out.

you see, i don’t remember taking this amazeballs photo. did someone…most likely a ninja….steal my iPhone, crack my security code, randomly take this awesome picture, break back into my apartment and slip my phone back into my purse? because that’s totally the most rational explanation.

i sat there dumbfounded. i don’t know any ninjas. and i never realized ninjas were so adept at photography. and why did said ninja decide to take THIS picture?

so many questions. so few answers.

and then i realized…



while attempting to take a picture of this cool mural of a kitteh cat on saturday, my iphone camera froze up.

i kept trying and trying and trying to take the pic to no avail…even though i was 30 minutes late to see this (which included a screening of shia laboef’s beef rod…fyi: what is it with coco and her pre-occupation with famous-persons’ phalluses?). finally, after dropping f-bombs like a boss and rebooting the phone, i was able to FINALLY get my shot and rush to my show.

in my haste to get the camera working, i must have inadvertently taken the ninja shot. and while i was really sad thinking that one of the coolest pics i’ve ever taken was a fluke, i then started to look at the photo in a whole new light.

an amazing photographer friend once told me, “it’s all in the angles, coco.” and staring into this picture, i now know what he means. i would never have thought to take a picture from this vantage point. why focus on the dirty grey sidewalk when there was so much beauty to be captured on the surrounding walls? and why the excessive dutching…and in the direction AWAY from the mural? and the lovely couple emerging in the background…i don’t even remember them (prolly due to my preoccupation with swearing and general frustration-rhythm nation). indeed, i would have NEVER have thought in a million years and after a million glasses of red wine to compose a shot like that.

and what this picture has taught me is singular: open your heart and mind to new perspectives, new angles. it’s so easy to look at something and see it one way…your way. heck, our brains are trained to do this in its mission to be efficient processors of infinite information. but when we do this, what are we missing? are we ignoring splendor that’s been staring us in the face? are we failing to see a solution that was there all the time? are we somehow cheating ourselves from experiencing the accidental beauty that can be found in any given situation? well, i’m thinking it’s time to turn things on their proverbial heads and see what I can discover.

so now that i’ve charged myself to look at things a bit differently, i’m hoping that i can also (finally) find the ninjas in this picture. wish me luck!

happy tuesday, y’all!

3 Responses to “accidental beauty”

  1. Nancy June 19, 2012 at 11:20 am #

    Well done!

    • coco June 19, 2012 at 11:28 am #

      yay! thank you!

  2. Jamie LeBlanc Ellender June 20, 2012 at 7:04 pm #

    Thanks for the new perspective. I’ll give it a shot!

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