“if things were easy to find, they wouldn’t be worth finding.”

11 Sep
september 11th crept up on me this year. it all started yesterday when i watched, ‘extremely loud and and incredibly close’ for the first time.
about 10 minutes in, i was like, “oh crap, september 11th is tomorrow!” the guilt pangs that i somehow didn’t let that “worst day” loom large like in years past started to take hold. but then i realized….this is a good thing, coco. normalcy is a good thing. weird. in the days..heck, even years after 9/11, we all wondered if that day would ever feel “normal”. while for far too many of those directly impacted, it will never feel close to normal, for the rest of us, we now go to the grocery store, watch vapid tv shows, go along like businesses as usual. i have to remind myself that it’s A-okay to feel and be normal today (well, as normal as i’m capable of being). and in my quest to be okay with normal last year, i set out to find out an answer to a question that dogged me for a decade. and like the little boy in the movie, i finally got my answer. may we all keep asking the questions that need to be asked and never give up on finding the answers. because, “if things were easy to find, they wouldn’t be worth finding.”
to read about my own personal scavenger hunt on the 10-year anniversary, click here:

sending love and light to those lost and those left behind on “the worst day”.

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