swooney over clooney

10 Jul

Funny Breakup Ecard: Yes, dear, George Clooney finally broke up with her.

after hearing the biggest news since rob lowe smiled at me at the apple pan, i asked my boss if we were closing for a couple days. i mean, for the love of clooney God how can we even consider working when we’re consumed by doing back hands springs and fist pumping and squealing and writing him hourly emails and booking our trip to lake cuomo and binge-watching old episodes of ER?!

sadly, it appears that we’re not going to commemorate this most auspicious auspicousness with a national holiday.  but, whatevs.  instead, i’ve pulled my clooney shrine out of storage. i’m gonna shave my legs and everything…both of them! and the whole leg! none of this half-a$$ only up to the knee sh*t.

and i’m enrolling in the George Clooney Dating University.


and i’m so gonna summa cum laude this sh*t, yo!


One Response to “swooney over clooney”

  1. Nancy Dubuque July 10, 2013 at 2:02 pm #

    Ok, go to photo shop and put your picture in. Upload it to you tube and see what happens. Maybe a knock on your door from George or the police. If he sees you he will love you, of course I am your Aunt and think he can’t do any better, right?

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