stranger things

24 Oct

last month was kinda big.  like really big.  like, REALLY REALLY REALLY big.  ok fine, not that big…but pretty big.

the bigness? (that’s totally a real word FYI)…just a few weeks ago marked my 10-year anniversary in LA.

i’d love to say i hired a few hookers and snorted a mountain of coke celebrated this huge milestone…but i didn’t.  i worked late and found myself in bed fully-clothed after a luxurious bowl of frosted mini wheats and a glass of questionable chardonnay.  so while this wasn’t exactly what i hoped/planned to do on my big lalaanniversary, it did give me the time and space and fiber to reflect on this ridiculous, decade-long journey.

the girl that jumped on that plane so many years ago seems like almost a character in a Lifetime movie novel.  armed with a newfound lust for actors/musicians/doormen life, hollywood coco went to fancy lounges and cool concerts and awesome art shows and delicious new restaurants.  and while she was 10 lbs skinnier, she was also 10 years lighter emotionally after getting out of a ten year relationship.  she was oft scared and awkward and uncool in this land of swimming pools and movie stars…but she somehow powered through all her weirdness to embrace that crazy ‘ho called hollywood.

how does one summarize 10 years…especially when much of it has been fueled by questionable decisions and pinot grigio?  well, you have to start at the beginning

fergie was talking about her london bridge and working on her fitness and was generally being all fergalicious.


justin was putting his d*ck in a box AND bringing sexy back.

02802a6a9801e9190bd747bcaa117589sexy-justin-timberlake-4 (1).gif

britney left kevin federline and was gearing up for her epic head shave.


it was an exciting time for all of us…most notably me.  and as the days turned into months that then turned into years, i’m now finding it nearly impossible to summarize such an incredibly fergalicous growth-producing era for the coco.

over the years, friends have come and gone.  boys also came and went (wait that sounded hot dirty). i changed careers and apartments more than i cared to.  i finally learned not to date musicians and actors and doormen (most of the time).  i stopped giggling when i ate kale and talked about reiki…and actually learned to enjoy both (hi weirdo!).  i now believe whole-heartedly in mercury-in-retrograde and chakras (still call them chakra khans though because rome wasn’t built in a day).  some days this city has beaten the snot out of me.  others, it has given me a long, warm, sunkissed embrace.  i’ve never been more creative in my life than during this decade (exhibit a: this blog) and have never allowed myself to be more human, more feeling, more fallible than during this time. and because of all of this, i grew into the spaz woman i am today.

looking ahead, i’m stoked for what the future has in store. i mean…justin is still making incredible music. britney pulled it together.  fergie is…well…everyone can’t win.   i have so many epic experiences in my rear-view window that continue to fuel today’s coco.  a coco who’s a grown-a$$ woman who knows what she wants and is not going to let anything get in her way.  a coco who looks forward to continuing her love affair with her beautiful, f*cked up city.

but never one to revel too long in the past, i can’t help but wonder what stranger things are in store for me in year eleven?

Hopefully it’s more like this:


And less this:


because that that whole ‘shaving one’s head and having coke-nose’ thing is so 2006….right britney?


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