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15 Sep

well, kids…in a few short hours, i’ll be starting my 4, 567.5 hour journey to the great nation of Malawi.  or as i like to call it:


this is madonna in malawi. please note that i will NOT be wearing this outfit at any point on my trip.

and wanna hear something crazy?!  i’m finished packing and have more than 3 hours to spare.  and i don’t like to brag, but coco also squueeeeeezed packed 10 days of clothes in her small suitcase.

coco's got some baggage!

you know…the size you could carry on to the plane with you.  or as i like to refer to it…’fun-sized’ luggage or ‘the size i never use because how can i get 6 pairs of shoes, two pairs of boots, 45 dresses and my hairdryer in such a ridiculously sized’ bag?  it’s apparent that this could be my most important accomplishment ever.

and these long trips halfway across the world mean sending yazzy off to be watched by a very brave and patient friend.  she’s been with her babysitter for 24 hours now, and i’m shocked happy to report that she’s been such a brave lil girl. i, on the other hand, have been checking in on her every 3.4 seconds and worrying about her every nanosecond. god help me when i become a parent to a human child.  i plan to start saving for their therapy when i get back….and will be accepting donations.  or wine.  or both.

making sure she gets all her white fur on her babysitter's black robe. that's my girl.

so back to mala-weeeeeeeeee.  it’s been almost exactly a year since my job let me loose in africa, and i’m psyched that they’re actually letting me go back.  armed with my fancy camera that i’m freaked out will get stolen or hurt, TWO pairs of naturalizer shoes (eat your heart out imelda marcos), and a giddiness that comes with the notion that i somehow need to be at the airport at 4 am, coco is sooo ready for her next african adventure.  i’ve not been to mala-weeeeee before and, thus, am not really sure what to expect. but since wikipedia says its nickname is “the warm heart of africa”, i’m convinced i’ll fall in love with it faster than my future love child with george clooney.  while there, pending this doesn’t lead to things getting all cray-cray, i’ll be seeing a lot of the capital to visit groups that also fight the AIDS.  and on the last day, i’ll be seeing our own clinics and getting to witness all the babies and mamas that we help.  and check this out…i’ll be blogging my experience for my jobby job! and there gonna put it up on our website and everything!  so i guess that means i better get to bed.

wish me luck, y’all.  i’ll miss you!

a whole new choo

20 Jan

welcome, bright and shiny 2010! oh, how i’ve been looking forward to your arrival!  you see, the promise of a new year always reminds me of one the best things in the wholewideworld…

a brand-spanking-new pair of pretty shoes.  unblemished, unscuffed, and unbelievably exciting.  but like a gorgeous duo of just-a-smidge-slutty stilletos, one never really know if a new year will also lead you to gripping pain and a few embarrassing falls.

2009 had a few manolo moments for the coco.   the promotion to director at work was kinda rad. getting cast in a play even though my audition was as unsightly as a croc sandal was amazing.  scoring good grades in grad school didn’t suck (and getting three “g”s in that sentence was kinda gnarly). but aught-nine often felt like a BOGO sale at a payless in the valley.  and for non-shoe connoisseurs…that’s NOT a a good thing. going through the pain and fear of a home break-in was akin to wearing 6″ strappy heels fashioned of barbed wire and broken glass on a hike through runyon.  and then there was the break-up with the boy who you thought was “the one”.  you know those super pretty shoes you invested a lot in and adored more than life itself, but after a few years you realize that they just don’t seem to fit right?  and after much crying and contemplation, you begrudgingly have to let them go?  and then you go into a deep depression thinking you’ll never find another pair and will end up alone with 50 cats and wearing knockoff uggs?  and then there was the whole, “a new shoe rack? already? really? without even leaving time to resole,  mr. ex shoe? whore.”  yeh, it was a lot like that.

so now that 2010 finds me single, sassy and in a pretty nifty apartment up in the hills (hi speidi!), i can’t help but to wonder what type of shoe moments the next 12 months have in store for the coco.  will there be beauty or bunions?  arch support or arch enemies?  catwalks or catastrophes? i guess no one really knows except jimmy choo, i mean god.  but, footie in hand, i’m ready to try on some new opportunities…even if it means falling flat on my face or breaking a heel.  wish me luck, y’all and happy new year!

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