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happy skanksgiving!

22 Nov

so i’m sitting here in my fleecy-goodness pjs watching a “borrowed” online stream of the national dog show.  and, of course, i’m seriously considering fashioning a leash out of a belt so i can parade Yazzy around the livingroom cuz it sounds fun and i’ve had too much coffee and i don’t want to face my thanksgiving cooking duties.  yazzy, however, is looking at me with cat-scorn as she’s fully aware that she doesn’t need to be leashed and paraded around like an idiot to win a beauty pagent.  and if she spies me even close to my belt drawer, she will be happy to remove a limb or retina.


since i can’t have my own cat show and since i’m still avoiding my kitchen, i figured i should take this opportunity to write. i know it’s been a while since i got all bloggy all up in your face, but as you may know if FINALLY got a job. and the whole, “trying to look like i actually know what i’m doing” combined with “learning how to not sleep till noon” has been all-consuming.  but i figured today would be a great day for coco to get her write on, because it’s thanksgiving and it’s a holiday that dovetails ridiculously-well with my annoying awesome propensity to be all sappy and nostalgic and generally gross.  yay! 

but as i started thinking about the myriad of blessings i wanted to share with you, my eyes were treated to this image of thanksgiving perfection:


courtney stodden is excited for her turkey to be stuffed

meet courtney stodden…one of los angeles newer train-wrecks angelic specimens.  famous for being the teen bride of that old/creepy actor guy from The Green Mile, Courtney has taken over the reign as “best-in-silicone” “princess of understated beauty” from heidi montag.  our mutual love of lucite heels combined with a shared adoration of holiday festiveness makes me want to cancel my thanksgiving plans so i can hunt Courtney down and make her be my BFF.  we would spend the day trying on different clip-on hair pieces, windexing our platform heels, and discussing our exciting plans for a tastefully-slutty Christmas manger shoot.     

so as we sit down with loved ones today, let us give thanks for our many gifts, including courtney stodden and those who aspire to bring us a new kind of thanksgiving.  move over turkey and sweet potatoes and saying grace!  let’s say thanks by giving the world what it really wants…a cornucopia of sluttiness!

happy SKANKSGIVING, y’all!

(for my jar-jar)

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