i’m full of great!

24 Nov

happy thanksgiving, y’all!  as i sip my morning whiskey coffee, i’m thinking that by THIS this time next year i’ll finally be a rockette.  i just know it!

or george clooney’s wife.  or heck…both!  and while it’ll be difficult balancing my macy’s day parade responsibilities with my clooney household thanksgiving preparations, coco is totally ready for the challenge.  that’s because the clooney-murphy mansion will be well-stocked with potent potables, kicky rockette costumes, and deviled eggs that i intend to eat off my husband’s hunky body.

but until then, i figure it’ll be good to take a moment to give thanks for all the amazeballs things in my life right now.  but my stars and garters….where to start?  my head is so chock full of great things for which i’m grateful, it’s starting to swirl.  or maybe that’s the irish whiskey…i mean coffee.

and said head swirling means only one thing: its time to detox make a list!  and boy do i looooooove to making lists.  lists are awesome.  lists speak to my moderate OCD.  and like a 5-year old, coco needs boundaries…of which lists also provide. is there anything that a list can’t do?! so with no further ado, here’s coco’s ABC’s of gratitude.

A: artistic expression…my theatre company has been my safe harbor, my artistic respite. a place where they let me sing and dance and act even thought i’m not exceptionally good at any of the above.  i am so grateful for my creative home and the people who live under its artistic roof.

B: beyonce.  thank you for reminding me that girls rule the world, that if he likes it then he should put a ring on it, and if he don’t, coco can upgrade you, upgrade you.


D: deviled eggs (see above).  i’m making some right now for tonight’s thanksgiving feast…i figured it’ll be good practice for next year’s very clooney thanksgiving.

E: espresso.  duh.

F: friends.  i am so freakin blessed with the most amazeballs friends a gal could ever have.  they have listened to me moan and groan and spew “that’s what she said” jokes ad nauseum and yet they still talk to me.  and they often ply me with wine and gossip and other necessary sustenance.  to my friends, i love each and every one of you more than you know.  for realz, yo.

G: my gays!  to all my gay friends and LA’s gay community.  thank you for allowing me to get my hag on, celebrate gaga and madonna and robyn, objectify men like it’s a job, and embrace glitter and rainbows and unicorns.

H: hulu.  my gratitude for allowing me to not have a TV and related cable bills for the past year.  this has allowed me to pump this money into my shoe budget.  grateful!!

I: inspiration.  you are ever-present, and for that…i’m am ever-so-thankful.

J: johnny depp.  duh.

K: kitty cats.  thank you for being so popular on the innernets.  lolcats, ninja kitty, caturdays…the list is endless.  yay, pussy power!

L: los angeles.  you have been my muse for 5 years and i still can’t quit you.  thank you for your sunshine and pretty people and boys in beanies and palm trees and art and coffee beans and other innumerable awesome things.  i love you long time!

M: music.  ever since i was voted most musical in the 8th grade, i can’t help but to think i’m destined to be a pop star of epic proportions.  but in the interim, i am so thankful for the inspiration that music provides…and for all my musician friends and family who give us the gift of music.

N:  nineties hip hop bands.  dear salt n peppa, biggie, tupac, SWV, arrested development, TLC, and tribe called quest, thank you for being eternally amazeballs.  thug life forever!

O: OMFG.  thank you for being the best acronym to text, IM, shout, etc.  OMFG i love you!

P: palm springs vacation.  thank you, palm springs posse for the amazeballs and much needed vacation.  however, my liver does not feel the same gratitude.

Q: quinoa.  you are delicious, yet i still have a tough time pronouncing you.  thanks for the challenge! i love a challenge!

R: robyn.  i can’t stop listening to your body talk CD.  you have been my 2011 soundtrack…and for that, i’m totes thankful.

S: shoes.  duh!

T: trials and tribulations.  2011 has been a challenging year for so many people…including myself.  but with every challenge, we have all grown stronger.  thank you, trials and tribulations, for helping me recalibrate my priorities and to appreciate the little things in life.

U: uggs.  to my 5-year old uggs.  you may smell, look a bit worse for wear, and get relegated to only the weekends…but i can’t imagine life without your fleecy goodness.

V: vodka.  god bless vodka.

W: writing.  i am so very grateful for having you in my life.  you make everything better.

X: xenu!

Y: yazmeena the cat: 2 continents, 10 homes, a few boys, and 15 years…and you still greet me at the door every night.  you are the bestest kitty in the whole wide world, amen.

Z: zonks! thank you for being a great “z” word.  i don’t use you enough in my daily lexicon, but i shall change that immediately!

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