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i love paris in the morning

8 Jun

i’ll let you in on a secret. i’d love to live in paris. there’s something about the delicious combination of berets, baguettes and body odor that makes me tingle all over. i oft daydream about smoking gitane blondes whilst drinking cafe cremes in a parisian cafe. i wouldn’t dare leave my small imaginary apartment overlooking the rive gauche without the requisite hermes scarf and red chanel lipstick. and the french version of coco wouldn’t have boyfriends. au contraire…she would have lovers. and every morning i would fling open my french doors (wondering if they’re also called “french doors” in france), and shout:


while it’s a far cry from the city of lights, west hollywood has some amazing mornings, too. watching the neighborhood’s miniature dogs relieve themselves among the calla lilies and birds of paradise is always a treat. i live for my early chats with the winos who linger in anticipation of the liquor store’s opening. and observing weho’s young and beautiful and hungover do their walks of shame almost requires popcorn. yet with all this insanity abound, my neighborhood is shockingly quiet in the morning. the closest thing to a din is the sound of a soft breeze rustling through the banana trees.

indeed, coco loves weho in the morning, too.

well, except for this morning. i was rudely awoken by the sound of helicopters circling overhead. coco the pessimist feared the worst. wild fires in the hills! or that i forgot to pay last night’s bar tab! either way, i figured i was in big trouble.

so as i emerged from my quiet little oasis to see what the fuss was about, i saw 8 helicopters, general mayham, and this:


yes, my lovelies…the whirly birds were circling Paris Hilton’s west hollyweird home in anticipation of her return back to jail.

wow. it seems that the paparazzi, the darling family and coco have something in common…

they love Paris in the morning, too!

au revoir 
and drive safe, y’all!

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